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  • Keith

Armoured Commander II – Out of Early Access

Armoured Commander II is out of Early Access on Steam as of this week! If you’re not familiar with this indie wargaming title, it’s a one-man show with Gregory Adam Scott at the helm. Armoured Commander II puts you back in charge of your tank during a procedurally generated campaign during 1939-1945 in World War II.

The original free and open source version of the game was primarily a port of the Avalon Hill game Pattton’s Best which was itself an attempt to adapt B-17 Queen of the Sky. The difference with the second iteration of Armoured Commander, however, seems to be in the depth of control and the variety of options available.

My tank “Pootie Shoots” (nod to Mythic Quest) begins an urban combat daily mission.

Players command a tank across a campaign made up of campaign days. Each day presents a new mission type and a map across which players move and fight. Crew members staff various stations within the tank and can be leveled up giving this an RPG-esque feel. The term rogue-like applies here because of both the presentation layer, which is ASCII graphics and the procedural battlefields.

If you’re interested in a fun, but tactically deep WWII rogue-like with its roots in Patton’s Best…then this is your game!

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