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Combat Infantry from Columbia Games Now Shipping!

Combat Infantry Cover

Columbia Games has entered the tactical battlefield with their new release Combat Infantry.  The game uses Columbia’s block components to provide what they describe as “a sophisticated, yet very playable” game of World War II tactical combat.

The initial release provides players with the components to play as either a German or American infantry battalion but promises future releases that include other combatants including taking the game to the Asian theater with Japanese blocks.  While the Japanese are mentioned, there is no mention of Indian, Chinese, or other nations outside of the usual suspects like the British, Soviets, and Italians.  While not specifically cited in the title, or in the marketing materials, the game does include armor.

The game comes with two geomorphic boards that are relatively large, though, it is hard to get a sense of how much maneuver room you’ll have given the size of blocks.

Combat Infantry retails for $74.99 USD and is currently available at:


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