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DVG Kickstarting Corsairs

That’s right, Dan Verssen Games launched their Corsair Leader Kickstarter campaign. There are still 20 days left as of the publication of this article (1-12-18) and the game has already been fully funded. In fact, it stands at 200% funding right now.

Corsair Leader follows the tried and true Leader series of games from DVG. It feels like every few years there’s a new Leader game so it was only matter of time following Sherman Leader which is now shipping to get Corsair Leader onto Kickstarter as a part of the “make everything modern era WW2” initiative that started back with U-Boat Leader a few years back.

You don’t have to go into this cold though, and unlike most Kickstarters, you’re getting a chance to see the game played right on the Kickstarter page itself.

What has me interested in the change from a static air combat resolution game into one where you actually dogfight with specific maneuvers. In most Leader games A attacks B and C happens as a result. It works, keeps the flow of the game moving, and puts the focus less on the narrative of the resolution. With Corsair Leader, you get a chance to highlight the various plane performance profiles. There is also a “Gung Ho” mechanic that rates how well pilots fly together since teamwork was such an important part of WWII aerial dogfighting.

If you’re interested in checking this one out, head over to the Kickstarter page. You can back the game now for $75 USD or $90 USD if you’re interested in getting the Ace pilot cards.

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