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Kickstart The Battle of Kursk

Battle of Kursk Kickstarter Cover

Battle of Kursk Kickstarter Cover

There are 22 days remaining on Mark H. Walker and Flying Pig Games’ Platoon Commander Deluxe: Kursk Kickstarter campaign.  As of right now, the game has just shy of $27,000 pledged, already exceeding the funding goal by $9,000.  That’s good news if you’re into stretch goals because this project has 15 of them!

This is the latest edition of the Tiny Battles’ Platoon Commander system and it makes the jump from paper components and a zip-lock bag to a Flying Pig Games’ box and mounted maps with hefty 2mm thick counters.  You’ll find the usual suspects found in any treatment of The Battle of Kursk like T-34/76 tanks, KV-1 monsters alongside Tigers and Panthers.  Panthers, and Tigers, and Stukas OH MY!

The system has a dice-based initiative system, card draw for special rule actions like artillery barrages, and then an alternating firing takes place.  There is very little downtime in this game and the low complexity means a focus on competition rather than rules retention.  In effect, the game is card assisted rather than card driven.

If you’d like to check out the rules prior to backing, go and look at

The reward system is also pretty straightforward.

Beginning at $18,500 and continuing at each $500 increment until we reach $23,000 we will add one KICKSTARTER EXCLUSIVE Action Card, such as Overrun, Interceptor, High Altitude Bombing, Sewer Movement, Bore Sighted, and Vodka to name but a few.

The Kickstarter is getting close, at the time of this writing, to unveiling a third mounted mapboard which will happen when the pledges reach $29,000 USD.

Check it out over at Kickstarter:

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