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  • Keith

Lion of Malaya Ready to Roar

Tiny Battle Publishing released Lion of Malaya this month from veteran Lock N’ Load designer Arrigo Velicogna. The game was originally released as a part of Flying Pig Games’ Yaah! magazine back in 2016. That said, this isn’t just a straight reprint of that game. Instead, updates from the designer have been included. This is an operational scale area movement game covering combat in the southern peninsula of Malaya during the Japanese invasion in 1941 with turns running through 1942.

So why check this one out?

First, it’s a relatively short playing wargame with estimated play times around 120-150 minutes. That’s right in the sweet spot for a quick evening game with a friend. Secondly, and perhaps more important, the game introduces fatigue rules and even covers air rules for combat in a jungle environment.

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