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  • Keith

Ode to the Die Roll Modifier

Today, I’m going to lighten the mood a little with a silly Ode. This three stanza ode is dedicated to the Die Roll Modifier. I hope you enjoy…or at least get a chuckle…


Clatter and tumble, rattle and rumble A two, by nature, not so by design If only for you, this roll I soundly fumble The cry, raises once, an excited “HEY!” Away to the chart, the terrain’s in my favor Could dense wood be my savior?

The dice are capricious, its just in their nature We grognards crave control With each single roll What is an inventive designer to do? Build in a tool that benefits me or you The Die Roll Modifier is glory or pain Did you have too much ale on the brain? Forgot that the unit was veteran not green The outcome of this battle remains to be seen

Most every design comes down to the dice Proud egos are cast or down they are sliced I cannot imagine a game having none Accounting for parts means adjusting the sum So, look upon this A chart in full glory To DRMS we praise Remember them all Or you’ll surely be sorry

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