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The Great Game Next Up From Legion Wargames

Legion Wargames is bringing The Great Game to game tables this December as a late 2017 release as a part of their CPO, Customer Pre-Order system.

The Great Game, designed by John Gorkowski (Breaking the Chains, South China Sea, In The Trenches: Devil Dogs), covers the Anglo-Russian contest for control of central Asia.  Covered in few other games, a standout being Pax Pamir, this topic is one that is slated to get some additional attention through Gorkowski’s game.

The Great Game is a card driven game with a point-to-point movement system.  The game comes with a 22″ x 34″ map and 54 cards along with 2 scenarios and a full campaign game.  Of interest here is that your actions are not solely controlled by moving your forces.  You must move leaders to recruit vassal states and worry about the threat of rebellion.  Players will also contend with attrition from movement.  This is an inhospitable part of the world of large armies and the multi-faceted nature of the threats to all players looks like it’s covered by the rules.

Find Out More!

The game retails for $64.00 USD, but the CPO price is still available for $45.00 USD a 30% discount.   You can find out more by visiting Legion Wargames website for the game where you can see counter graphics and the rulebook as well.

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