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Three New Pre-orders From One Small Step

One Small Step games announced on December 26

that they are taking pre-orders on three new games called Bear Flag Republic, Operation Storm: Stalin’s Barbarossa, and Stalin’s Final War: What if the Soviet Union Attacked in 1953?.

All three games are available for pre-order immediately from One Small Step’s (OSS) website at

Bear Flag Republic Promotional Image

Bear Flag Republic Promotional Image

Bear Flag Republic

The first of the new trio is Bear Flag Republic which covers California during the Mexican American War.  I don’t recall the last time I’ve seen this topic covered, but I hesitate to say it’s uncharted territory.  It’s rare is sufficient I suspect here. Designer Jack Greene brings his first game in 20 years to OSS and it’s a card-enhanced game for two players. Based on the description it sounds as though the game depends on how players react to specific key historical events that shaped the conflict.  Greene is best known for his Avalon Hill game Bismarck in 1980 and more recently the Iron Bottom Sound games.

Bear Flag Republic is on pre-order for $62.95 with a projected MSRP of $89.95.

Operation Storm

Operation Storm Promotional Image

Operation Storm Promotional Image

Designed Ty Bomba presents the first of two hypothetical Eastern Front games.  In Operation Storm, the question is “What if the Soviet Union attacked first in 1941?” Bomba provides the OOB as known at the time of the offensive and reinforcements follow the historical arrival schedule. I don’t know much about the specifics of the relative OOBs for both sides, but it was my understanding that the Soviets were far outgunned both logistically, technologically, and in command since they had just finished a massive purge of their military leadership.

So, the question for this game is will it be fun and how will Bomba provide a compelling look.  I’m definitely keen to check out this one out.  Bomba’s somewhat controversial Brezhnev’s War received some deep concerns over the allied nation OOBs. Will he avoid this kind of mistake here?  I think more is probably known about the specifics and have faith that Bomba will deliver, but I’m curious to say the least.

Operation Storm is on pre-order for $69.95 with a projected MSRP of $99.95.

Stalins Final War Promotional Image

Stalin’s Final War Promotional Image

Stalin’s Final War

The second what-if that Bomba has cooked up for OSS is Stalin’s Final War.  It asks the question, “What if the Soviet Union had attacked in 1953?”  Bomba presumes that both Stalin lives long enough to enact this plan and that the start date would be immediately following the Korean War armistice in July of 1953.  The goal of the Soviet player will be to wreck havoc on the Ruhr region which is roughly the same goal as Bomba’s Brezhnev’s War that he did for Compass Games.

The sniff test here tells me that this one might be a “reskin” with 1953 OOB of Brezhnev’s War.

Stalin’s Final War is on pre-order for $62.95 with a projected MSRP of $89.95

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