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Triumph of Chaos Marches Closer

Exciting news this week from fans of David Dockter’s Triumph of Chaos who have been anxiously awaiting the release of the Deluxe Second Edition from Clash of Arms Games. The first production component, the map, arrived and we have news that the week of October 29th will see the cards go into production according to Dockter from a post on ConSimWorld.

Here’s a quick peek at the map that Dockter shared:

David Dockter Shows Off TOCv2 Map

David Dockter Shows Off TOCv2 Map

This is exciting news and also marks an important moment because Dockter has given fans hope by revealing that the game will release in 2018. As he put it, “It must: it is the 100th year anniversary of the RCW!”

So, now is the time to head over to Clash of Arms Games’ website to pre-order your copy today. The pre-publication price is $96 USD, but the post publication price will jump up to $120 USD as the MSRP. So, don’t delay or the pre-publication period is going to come to an abrupt end…not unlike a certain Tsar…

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