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WEGO World War II: Stalingrad Beta Testers Needed

Designer Brian Kelly’s new WEGO World War II (WEGOWW2) series is looking for beta testers for the upcoming Stalingrad module over at Matrix Games.

What the heck is a WEGO?

Instead of players taking turns to move and execute orders, players will both input their orders and the system’s AI will orchestrate the simultaneous execution of those commands. This is a familiar mechanic to those who have played other games like the Combat Mission series.

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Stalingrad comes with three campaigns of six linked scenarios. It’s based on a hex-grid and includes air, naval, and ground components making it a little different from other World War II series of this type. Counters are at the regiment/brigade level and it uses NATO symbology to represent unit types. The game time and scale are dependent upon each other and seem to be set by the scenario being played, but generally daytime turns are 5 hours long and nigh turns are around 4 hours long, the ground scale is 500 meters per hex.

Seems like an interesting concept, kind of like a WW2 version of the Flashpoint Campaigns series perhaps?

If you’re interested in beta testing, you can head over to Matrix Games and apply!

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